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"The idea of a motionless world rebels me, there are so many alternatives : Open your eyes!..."

What is your vision of hairstyling ?

Hairdressing is not a job, it is a great passion. Reveal my personality by sculpting and imagining hairstyles, pictures and visuals is a real pleasure. Make women and men beautiful, working together with fashion designers, stylists, photographers... That brings me real happiness!

Tell us the story ?

My hairdressing career started early, at the age of 16. Since I am a hairdresser’s son, my parents sent me directly to take courses in academies, to allow me to work with a solid foundation.
After my “learning period”, I participated in competitions in Belgium and won lots of awards. I also participated in international competitions and I became coach of the Belgian hairdressers team and started to give training sessions and developed my educational potential. In the year 2000, my wife and I launched our own brand, XYZ, and at the same time we started creating 4 hair collections a year. Two years later, in 2002, we opened our training centre in Liège (XYZ Academy). In 2008 I won the Global Salon Business Awards in Hollywood. Today, the XYZ group is merged in the ESB Group who is the market leader in Belgium. ESB group comprises 47 Salons ( XYZ, SANKÉ, PLANET COIFFURE), 1 Academie called ACADEMY314 – Master in hairdressing. I dedicate myself exclusively to creation, education and developing the image of L'Oréal Professionnel. Next to this, I do also shows and events for various companies and make photographs for advertising agencies, designers...

What is your personal success story?

My success is based on my vision and exactingness. Being a perfectionist, I must succeed in what I do, I need to have control over my productions, shows, photographs and that is also why I surround myself with “winners”. I really do love my job! My main succeeding is to having developed a precise technique and to pass it on to hairdressers. The experience I have acquired by the huge number of master classes, shows, demonstrations, trainingsand collections gave me mastery and control over the success of artistic and technical work.

What do you believe in, what are your drives inlife/work?

I believe each one of us can succeed. My drive is my passion for this creative and technical work. Everyone can be a hairdresser at his own level. I love to learn and to teach others.

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